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Subject range

  • Personal protection of the workers:
    hearing protection
    skin protection
    hand protection
    head protection
    eye protection
    respiratory protection
  • Group protection of workers
    protection from noise
    protection from explosion and toxic chemicals
    protection from radiation
    protection against electric shock
    air ventilation and filtration
    machinery security – lockout
    handrails, working platforms, nets, working and protective scaffolding
    anti-slip protection
  • Protective and working shoes and clothing
  • Equipment and means protecting against fall from heights
  • First aid measures
  • Work environment monitoring
  • Control and measurement instruments
  • Working time monitoring
  • Maintenance and cleaning equipment and measures
  • OSH and fire-fighting marking and instructions
  • Fire protection and firefighting equipment and installations, facilities for fire brigades
  • Passive fire protection
  • Alarm systems, early gas and smoke detection systems
  • Rescue equipment and installations, means of transport, communication and signalling
  • Protection of devices being subject to supervision
  • Training companies and materials, teaching measures
  • Professional publications
  • Organisations, institutions, offices